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Website Design & Hosting

If you are concerned about your website, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


Capitis provides business advice - and this is just as important for your website. It is important that you look upon your website as part of your business and marketing strategy. All too often, website design and development is done without due consideration for your business as a whole, and how it becomes part of your marketing and sales strategy.

Our strategic approach and experience in business and marketing strategy means you do not end up with something that may actually be counter-productive, or worse still - work against you.

We can help you make pragmatic decisions for your website needs. This includes being clear about the objectives, what you want to achieve, your target market, and so on. But more than this, you'll find we have operational experience to ensure you do not fall into the traps that so many companies do, with costly ongoing consequences, even leading to brand damage.

Website & Internet Experience

Our experience comes from key personnel being involved in online services and web development for many years, including the development and operations of internet applications and services.

Experience has been gained from running a group of companies which included an online payment solutions provider (PSP) , website design service, and internet service provider (ISP).


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Website Help

If you are interested in a review of your web strategy, contact us for a confidential chat.